Saturday, August 12, 2017

Robin's Catalogs

I have been gifted with a large box full of exhibition catalogs.

The donor was Robin Mumford, a friend and art consultant who loves abstract painting. 
It looks like a great opportunity to continue my art education.


This will be an ongoing project over the upcoming year(s) so this post will continue to grow.

Stephen Pace (1918-2010), 1960

Stephen Pace, 1959 (detail)

Makes for an interesting comparison with an ABX painting done 55 years later by a much older man:

Jim Dine, "Coming from Darkness, I Hear You Laugh" (detail) 2016

Stephen Pace, 1978

What a shocker!  He went figurative and he liked to look at attractive young women.

But maybe not so surprising --  from the very beginning of his career, he was a good friend of Milton  Avery.

Milton Avery

Stephen Pace

Not very subtle -- but what a delight!  By the way, this kind of design can also be executed on a digital drawing tablet - which is how my father, Pace's contemporary,  worked in the decades that followed:

Richard J. Miller, "At Charlie's Place", 1999

(a few more are shown here )


A painting is not something which exists in order to convey meaning.  O n the contrary, “meaning” is something which  attaches itself to that  independent autonomous object”   1958 – Patrick Heron

“To make oneself available to previously uncharted rhythmic movements, suggestions, and dev ices – this is the great idea”  1987

A painting has a certain identifiable speed of execution which it communicates – 1985

“ I hate all symbols in painting… I love, instead,  all images”  -- 1963